Our Professional Equipment:

Ergoline Advantage 400 Turbo Power Sunbed:

The Ergoline Advantage 400 Turbo Power ensures the highest tanning results with a perfect combination of 3 VIT Max high-pressure facials lamps, 40 Turbo Power tanning lamps and a reflex neck tanner. In addition,it features the Comfort Cooling ventilation, with cool air coming from facial and body zone outlets and an audio system that offers perfectly reproduced stereo sound.


Dr. Kern Tan Can 8000 Stand-Up Booth:

Dr. Kern Tan Can - A revolutionay design and perfect technology. Its UV-A reflector lamps guarantee an improved 360 all-over tan without the disturbing white spots. Up to 300% more profit than conventional lie down bed.

Suggested Tanning Times:8-20 minutes depending on skin types. 3 x Acrylic safety shields,for maximum safety and comfort. Tanning becomes more hygienical...



Dr. Kern Prestige:

Dr. Kern Prestige - Only the sun is less costly. Its face tanner with 2-filter design assures the best face tan. Equiped with a body fan at its foot end, the Prestige and its two meter long tanning tubes will let you relax for a sunbath on its special wide bench surfaces...